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Company Profile

At Sterling, quality is not an option, it is standard feature and it brings us the honor to introduce ourselves as the Pioneer manufacturers of Decorative and Commercial Flush doors and Plywood of all types. We feel pleasure to mention that we have the experience of setting up the very first Flush door and Plywood factory in India in 1935. Also the first Flush door and Plywood factories in West Pakistan in 1952 and in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1956.

Talking of Accomplishment

Sterling has so far supplied well over millions of Flush doors, Panel doors and Kitchens (components such as carcasses and fascia shutters etc) nation wide and world wide because we compete in Quality.

Master in Wood Engineering

Sterling products are solidly constructed from only the best selected natural timbers. A lot more than revealed by their attractive looks, these products are your investment in style and craftsmanship that is sure to make your place appreciate in value. Your satisfaction is our business.

Winners of 1987 International Asia Award International Gold Star for Quality
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